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Why reach out to our great cleaning services?

Couch Cleaner is one of the leading companies for upholstery cleaning services. Our experts provide advanced and reliable services that make us stand out from other brands. You got a gathering tomorrow, but your kid just spilled orange juice on your couch. Now you are sitting with a huge stain and a colossal disappointment! Well, cheer up, because we provide service within one day of calling us. Your upholstery will retain back in its original form and will be a great help in your party.

Our Cleaning Process

We aid you from the grain to bread, in every stage of your cleaning process!


Our staff arrive in your flexible timings and prepare the region to be cleaned. They cover the area surrounding the region to be covered with a protective layer of the sheet. They prepare themselves, with overshoes, to protect the floor and surface to be cleaned.


After the pre-cleaning preparation, the staffs would check or inspect the entire surface of the furniture like the age/kind/type of the upholstery/ couch and carpet. Then, the most suitable of technological and cleaning methods for the specific surface opts.


The very preliminary step of cleaning vacuuming is done to remove dust particles, pet hair, soil particles, etc.

Cleaning Process

Our staff lookout for stains since stains require excess care. After the treatment of stains, the actual cleaning process begins. The right method – hot water extraction/steam cleaning upholstery/couch/carpet is done.

Post – Cleaning Process

After the cleaning process with hot water or steam cleaning for couches, carpets and upholstery,
deodorizing, fabreic protection, leather Conditioning done with the interest of the customer.

Upholstery Cleaning and Protection

You had guests visiting you for a party, and now your couch is all covered in wine and saucy stains! Well, there is no point in losing your sanity as we, Couch Cleaner in Australia, provide you with the best services in upholstery cleaning for any type of couch or sofa that you own. Whether it is the removal of stain or odour or deep cleaning of your possessions, we use advanced upholstery cleaning services to revive your upholstery in its original form without hampering it in any way. Just leave it to us and breathe a sigh of relief!

Leather Couch Cleaning and Protection

No one can stay in their right mind if their leather upholstery gets any kind of damage. Leather is very luxurious and requires very gentle and high professional cleaning to give that classy look. At Couch Cleaner Australia, we have the best tools and most skilled professionals, who can provide you with any cleaning and protection services. Whether its couch steam cleaner or its repair, we got it all covered. Bring back that luxurious look again with our excellent advanced methods. The work is effortless but is worth once you see the outcome. Give us a call today!

Upholstery Stain Removal Service

It is not easy to remove a stain mark from your upholstery. If you don’t take up the right methods to clean it on time, it will be there and to your dismay, forever! No amount of soapy water washes or home remedies will be able to remove it. The best solution is to take services from professionals like us, who can easily make your upholstery stain free. Our couch steam clean and sofa steam clean are the other trustable services. Contact us today to get rid of that stubborn stain that is destroying the outlook of your upholstery!

Leather Lounge Hand Cleaning

If you are looking for leather lounge Hand cleaning services, then look no further! At Couch Cleaner in Australia, we provide you with the most efficient and reliable services for your leather lounge. Our team is highly skilled and uses advanced tools and methods to give your lounge a new look. Our upholstery steam cleaners method provides you with a remarkable result and that too at reasonable prices. Do not fret if your leather upholstery lost that old lustre of its. Give us a call, and our magical services will bring back its shining again!

Upholstery Repair

If you have kids or pets around, then your upholstery might be in danger! Couch Cleaner in Australia, not only cleans or protects your upholstery but also repairs your couch and sofa. Our experts are highly skilled, and from couch cleaning to improving it, they know it all. You do not have to worry about the type of damage as we can fix anything. All you have to do is, pick up your phone and give us a call without any delay. With our trustable services, your upholstery will be new and regain its life just like before!

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

Every fabric requires a different type of cleaning. You might never be aware of the fact that your method of cleaning might be wrong and is harming the durability and the quality of your upholstery. Our highly efficient team inspects the type of fabric you have and then decides the correct methods for cleaning and protecting your couch. Once it is done, we use the most
reliable solution to give your fabric upholstery a pristine look that will stay for an extended period. The little effort you have to make is to pick up your nearest cell phone and give us a call right away to avail you with our services.

Shampoo the Upholstery

There are many methods of upholstery cleaning. One of the topmost is the shampoo cleaning of your upholstery. Our company provides you with the deep cleaning of your upholstery products. We make sure that your sofas and couches are free of any kind of stains, dust, or debris and eradicate them even from your couch’s fabric. We aim to provide you with clean and healthy surroundings. Call us right now and fix an appointment for the deep cleaning of your upholstery. Your upholstery also requires the same attention as they give a different outlook to your home!

Leather Couch Conditioning

You have to spend a lot if you do not take care of your leather couch. Low maintenance will result in damage. We, Couch Cleaner Australia, make sure that our services are just not about cleaning but also protecting your upholstery. Our methods, like steaming for cleaning upholstery and conditioning, makes your couch more durable. Conditioning your upholstery at a regular period will make your products last long. Our professionals provide you with their dedicated and trustable services to save from spending a large amount on your couch and enjoy their utility for a more extended period. Call us right away and book your slots for our service!

Lether couch cleaning and conditioning image

The results are excellent!

Our team of professionals aims to please and provide you with the quality service using our advanced methods. We make sure that you are satisfied with our work that too, at reasonable prices.

Our company’s services are very efficient and highly satiable to our customers that has made us the most recognizable. Make sure to call us for the best upholstery cleaning services.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Basic Info

Are the cleaners professionally trained?

Yes, we are a reputed firm with top qualified and professional fabric cleaning technicians who have the proper training to work at your place. They are all proficient in their fields and have more than 10 years of experience.

Why is it important to clean my capert/upholstery on a regular basis?

There are two main advantages of getting the sofa/couch/upholstery service regularly.
1. You will keep them germ and bacteria-free. They will be clean and in good condition.
2. The sofa/couch/upholstery will retain their shape for long life.

How and when do I pay?

The payment for any service needs to be done on the same day when you get the service. You can make the payment via cash or your visa/Mastercard.

Service Info

What makes Couch cleaner different from other cleaning service providers?

Couch Cleaner assesses the needs of your specific upholstery and carpet before starting out. You will feel great as we only opt for safe and super-efficient cleaning methods.

Which types of upholstery fabrics do you clean?

We clean a myriad of fabrics including, leather, velvet, silk, microfiber, synthetic, cotton, nylon, etc. You can name it and our experts will provide the best cleaning solution for the same.

Do you provide cleaning services for leather couches too?

Yes, we impart leather couch cleaning service as well. We perform conditioning of leather for cleaning it in the best way and making it spick and span.

What Our Customer are Saying

Our customers have always thanked us for increasing the lifespan and beauty of their upholstery, couch and carpet by using approved and proven cleaning solutions, techniques and methods that help the furniture to standby the test of time. Our customers also love our way of rendering support to aspects like child-friendliness, eco-friendliness and pet-friendliness

Offering services, even in the last-minute request, is yet another adorable aspect our customers always cherish. But, we always render our fullest despite any timeframe and finally test a few random spots in the area cleaned to check if our customers are satisfied and then bid them a happy and contented goodbye.

Finally, our customers are amused by the fact that they get so much at such an affordable cost. It is one of the tantalizing features, our customers can’t resist, but they can only come back for more.

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