Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Starting At $28 per Seat

At Couch Cleaner, we take immense pride in delivering the top-quality services for catering to the
needs of our customers. 

We have had enormous and overwhelming support from our starting day!

About Couch Cleaning Services

Our Cleaning Service Highlights

Collaborate with us for an excellent and memorable couch or sofa steam cleaning experience with proper handling of all essentials. You can rely on us from having a thorough analysis of couch/carpet/upholstery to final post-cleaning support with utmost ambience & comfort.

Timely services
Environment friendly
Careful stain treatment
Well trained staffs
Latest technology for steam cleaning couch, sofa, upholstery
Cost-effective for a long run
Rejuvenation of the discoloured assets

How It Works


A complete analysis of the age, type, the color of the couch/upholstery and carpet are done. Special areas of concern with spots, stains and spills would be noted for upholstery and carpet cleaning. Also, all
the loose cushions are removed. 


The next immediate step is the intense vacuuming of the surface before beginning steam cleaning a couch, sofa or upholstery. It helps in proper removal of all soil and dust particles in every corner.


Spot Treatments

After vacuuming, the areas that require special treatment due to spots, stains and spills are treated according to the nature, intensity and age of the stain.



Steam cleaning for couches, upholstery or carpets makes use of an appropriate machine (extractor) that cleans them effectively by the best steaming mechanism.



After the essential treatments are all done, post-treatment works like deodorizing must be done for restoring the altered pH of the surface. It also helps to neutralize the fabric’s smell.



After all the sofa, upholstery and couch cleaning, final protection is rendered to the fabric to prevent any future spoilage. To ensure that future discolouration/piling of dirt doesn’t occur professional protectors like the Fabric stain, soil as well as wear protector are all applied.


About Us

We deliver an impressive and unmatchable upholstery and couch steam cleaning service
with our diligent team of professionals who work perfectly in getting your cleaning done.
At Couch Cleaner, we have a significant concern for reducing your carbon footprints by
making splendid strides in offering eco–friendly solutions and tools to the maximum level

Our expert team is available round the clock and can help you in having flexible deadlines for
getting your work done with us. We promise maximum efficiency with zero efforts and time.
Our one-stop solution in aspects of cleaning, from couch/carpet to upholstery is super-

We emphasize special care in treating your stains, spills for a steam clean sofa, couch or upholstery. The best part is that there is no wear and tear to any of your assets.

Upholstery Steam cleaning services

We know that furniture and upholstery must stand by the test of time like dirt, sand, grit, and discolouration. At Couch cleaner, we use the most advanced technology and best upholstery steam cleaners to render the furniture its new look as always. Additional services like Deodorizing, fabric protection, sensitization of the upholstery are some of the elite features every customer can enjoy with us. Reach out to us for all kinds of cleaning solutions for your lucrative and pretty upholstery.

Leather Couch Cleaning and Protection

No one can stay in their right mind if their leather upholstery gets any kind of damage. Leather is very luxurious and requires very gentle and high professional cleaning to give that classy look. At Couch Cleaner Sydney, we have the best tools and most skilled professionals, who can provide you with any cleaning and protection services. Whether its couch steam cleaner or its
repair, we got it all covered. Bring back that luxurious look again with our excellent advanced methods. The work is effortless but is worth once you see the outcome. Give us a call today!

Carpet Steam cleaning services

Carpets are one of the most beautiful assets for any home that render lucrative benefits. To help you in maintaining the same colour, texture and purity, we proffer best carpet cleaning services amidst a multitude of other sofa cleaning services. We specialize in upholstery and carpet cleaning, despite the difference in different kinds of fabrics. Our professionals would give their best in cleaning your favourite carpets by targeting the stains in the best way!.

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